CAPM 25 Hour Course and Simulator Bundle

CAPM 25 Hour Course and Simulator Bundle

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The ultimate CAPM bundle. Everything you will need to pass your CAPM exam in one, for one low price.

Included will be Andrew Ramdayal bestselling e-learning class and our famous CAPM Exam Simulator for one low price and 180 days of access.

The eLearning course is taught by Instructor and PMP author Andrew Ramdayal. Andrew has over 60 certifications and has authored a few bestselling books for project management. Andrew has taught this course to thousands of students around the world, both in the classroom and online.

This course will include the following:

  • 25 hours of Project Management Education Certificate needed to take your CAPM exam.
  • Updated to include both predictive and agile project management and business analysis.
  • Expert instruction from a certified CAPM Instructor and one of Amazon’s bestselling authors for project management.
  • 200+ Videos
  • 300+ realistic exam questions
  • Course Slides and PDF’s with all the processes and formulas
  • Full-length mock exam

The TIA exam simulator is the only CAPM exam simulator that offers detailed video explanations of each question, done by best-selling PMP author Andrew Ramdayal. These questions will cover all four domains on the current CAPM exam. The domains include Project Management Fundamentals, Predictive and Agile Methodologies, and Business Analysis.

This cost-effective simulator will give you 6 months of access to our questions bank for you to review as much as possible. The detailed video-based explanations will show you not just why an answer is correct but why other choices are incorrect.

You will learn the mindset it takes the pass your CAPM exam on the first try from one of the world’s most recognized CAPM experts Andrew Ramdayal.


  • Over 5 hours of detailed video explanations of each question.
  • 5 mock exams
  • Over 350 Questions
  • Detailed video explanation of each question by PMP author Andrew Ramdayal
  • Wide variety of questions including standard multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, multichoice, questions for the duration of your subscription
  • Inexpensive exam simulator
  • A detailed review of the PMP mindset in each question
  • Different exam modes

This bundle will not only help you pass your exam but also learn how to apply the concepts in real-world project management. This way, you are ready for the exam and your job.