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Our 30-day study plan and live weekly coaching sessions will ensure you pass your exam in less than 30 days. 

My next live session is: June 20, 2024 at 11AM. 

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    Live Weekly Coaching Sessions With PMP Coach Andrew Ramdayal

    "I have assisted over 500,000 students in passing their PMP exams with my #1 bestselling Amazon study guide and e-learning classes. Join me live, and let's achieve your certification together."
      -Andrew Ramayal

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    What's included?

    Live Weekly Coaching Sessions 

    Weekly Review of complex topics and exam questions reviews

    35 hours of PM education

    35 hours of project management education needed to take your PMP exam.

    9 mock exams

    Over 1,500 Questions. Over 350 video explanation of each question. 

    PMP Exam Prep Simplified eBook

    Amazon Bestselling PMP study guide., This eBook to be viewed online only 

    6 Month access

    6 months of access to all coaching sessions, study plan and materials. 

    Course Slides 

    Course Slides and PDF's with all the processes and formulas

    Live Help Filling the PMP Application

    Have your PMP application reviewed before submission. 

    Learn PMP Mindset

    A detailed review of the PMP mindset in each question

    Wide Variety of Questions

    including standard multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, multichoice, questions 

    Pass your PMP in 30 days or less
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    Live Weekly Coaching Sessions, Thursday's at 11AM-2PM EST. 

    Includes Andrew 30-Day Step-by-step Certification Guide.

    Next Live Session: This Thursday at 11AM EST. Join me.

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    Been studying for months and still not certified? Accountability is the answer.  

    Life can sometimes present challenges and makes studying difficult. Our accountability plan and strategy will keep on track to being certified in just a few weeks. 

    Weekly Coaching to Keep you Accountable

    My live weekly coaching program offers a structured yet flexible approach to keep you on track towards PMP certification, incorporating accountability as a key element of your journey. With personalized support and expert guidance, you'll find heightened motivation and focus, ensuring disciplined progress.

    I will be with you until you are certified. 

    Frequently asked questions

    What times are the live sessions and who is hosting them?

    Every Thursday at 11AM-2PM EST live online using Zoom meeting. Each live session is hosted by Andrew Ramdayal. 

    Can I join now?

    Yes, enrollment is continuous. Anyone can join at anytime and any point.  The moment you enrollment you are given full access to all of the class materials (E-learning, study Guide, Simulators) and 4 pervious recording of the live sessions. Then you can start attending the live guided sessions every Thursday. 

    Are the live sessions recorded?

    Yes you can rewatch up to 4 live sessions. We will be recording each session and storing them.

    Will this get me the 35 Hours of PM education needed to apply for the PMP Exam?

    Yes, it will include Andrew's full 35 Hour PMP prep course. Once you have completed the 35 hour class, you will get a certificate to apply for your PMP exam. 

    How many live sessions can I attend?

    You can attend as many sessions as you like for up to 6 months. 

    Will you help me fill out the PMP Application?

    Yes, the course comes with over 1 hour of instructions you can use to fill out the application. Once done send it to our support email and we will review for you before sending it over to PMI. 

    You have a 30 day study plan, but the course is for 6 months, why?

    We provide you a 30 day study plan, but just in case you do get 6 months of access to all the materials and live sessions if needed. 

    What do I need on my computer to access the live sessions?

    You don't need any specific software. Just a reliable computer or smartphone with an internet connection. It is done using Zoom. 

    Will I get Andrew Ramdayal Study Guide, "PMP Exam Prep Simplified"

    Yes, you will get the latest version of the study guide. The guide will be available instantly after registration. It is an eBook to be viewed on this site only.

    How long will I have access to these live sessions and courseware?

    You will have unlimited access to everything in the course for a total of 6 months. 

    Is this course accepted by PMI?

    Yes, this course meets all the requirements needed to apply for the PMP exam. 

    How do get questions answered outside of the live sessions?

    You can email support and they will get you back in answer within 1 business day. 
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